Use Instructions

smartTri is readily available, simple and easy to operate.

After use, smartTri folds easily and can be storage in convenient place in the car.

 Use instructions

Opening instructions:

When stopping the car (Car malfunction or any other problem) 

 take smartTri out of the bag, remove the glow tape and assemble smartTri by unfolding it to open into a triangle.

smartTri –  opens automatically. keep away from your face! 

 Folding instructions:

Once no longer needed, turn off the smartTri and fold it by the following instructions:

Hold the flashing side facing down (the black side – up)

Hold the smartTri with two hands on the vertices of the smartTri (the third vertex close to you – as shown in the picture)

Push genteelly all vertices towards center of triangle by folding the smartTri

When smartTri is folded, tie it using the glow tape and place it back in its bag. Place the bag in your car as it was before

Designed for easy mounting on the driver-side window,
without leaving your seat and without getting out of the car

To purchase the smartTri online quickly and safely