About the smartTri

smartTri company was established by three business men who had a vision and looked for a creative solution to reduce the amount of car accidents on road shoulders.

Every year, car accidents involving multiple casualties occur on road shoulders.

A significant number of all road accidents – 9%, involve multiple casualties and dead people every year.

The main goal of smarTri company is to increase visibility of the drivers and cars that has to stop on road shoulders.

By setting up the smartTri on the driver’s window, the purpose is to increase the awareness of the drivers passing by the car that had to stop on road shoulders.

 Using smartTri protects the driver and passengers without leaving the seat and without exiting the vehicle.

The Founders Of The Company


Owner of MEHALEV, a company that provides accessibility and assistive listening devices for hard of hearing people and other solutions for people with disabilities.


Owner of  “TAL – Furniture for babies”,
a company that produces accessories for babies, accessories according to severe safety standards.


Owner of IWGLOBE company that specialized in selling and marketing international solutions.