To purchase the smartTri online quickly and safely

Safer and compatible use

Can be mounted easily on driver’s window without getting out of the vehicle. 

Suitable for vehicles on road shoulders and ensure better visibility at greater distances,

 even in bad weather. 

The smartTri opens automatically

Keep away from the face when opening the smartTri  

Powerful LED lighting

Powerful led lights guarantee visibility in severe weather conditions.

 40 quality led lights for long lasting use.

smartTri combines new technology and powerful lighting in one triangle. 

Made of quality materials

Special attention on quality and long lasting materials were put in the production of smartTri.

Using quality materials and high supervision while the production process, 

make smartTri guarantee more durable, convenient to use and safer.

A life-saving triangle

Information and instructional video

smartTri represents three values: safety, visibility and quality

To purchase the smartTri online quickly and safely